Eco Friendly Swaps In The Kitchen – Washing Up

Your kitchen is a really easy place to start making simple swaps for an eco-friendlier space.  You don’t have to start throwing things away that aren’t the best options for the environment but as they start to run out or go past their best, how about changing them up.  I’ll give you some examples of where you can make easy changes.


Washing Up

You can ditch the manky old plastic sponge scrubbing pads.  They actual leach their plastic fibres into the water and they end up in our oceans.  Instead, how about an unsponge?  You can get them in different textures.  I love this one that’s heavy-duty?  Available from Friendly Turtle.

squeeze unsponge heavy duty

In our kitchen, we also use a wooden washing-up brush with a replaceable head.  These are really inexpensive and it’s really easy to replace the heads on them.

This brush has firm bristles made from Tampico fibre, the yellow leaf fibre of the agave cactus which grows Mexico. It makes it a perfect plastic alternative for dish brushes and is great for those stubborn stains left on your pots and pans.

natural bristle washing up brush

For cleaning the working surfaces, we use a cotton cloth than can be popped in the washing machine when it’s dirty and used again and again.

The trickiest thing I found was moving away from washing up liquid.  It was fine when our zero waste shop was open in our little town, but it’s closed due to Covid-19 so I’ve just ordered one of these clever blocks, having been recommended it by some fellow eco-conscious friends.  I’m really excited to start using it!  It’s vegan, organic, palm oil free and made here in the UK!

vegan dish washing block

If you have a dishwasher and have tried to choose an alternative to the dishwasher tablets that come wrapped in plastic (even the Ecover ones come in plastic!) then you may, like us, have struggled.  We’ve even tried making our own (unsuccessfully, might I add – smeared glasses aren’t fun).  There is now an alternative on the market.  These ones come with absolutely no wrapping on them.  They’re tough on stains but gentle on the planet.

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