How To Have A Plastic Free Period


Flying the red flag, shark week, surfing the crimson wave, arts and crafts week at panty club.  However you want to put it, having a period can be messy and, if you’re not doing it right, can use a lot of single-use plastic.  How do you avoid your bloody mess ending up in a landfill?  I’ll tell you how we do it in this household.


Reusable Sanitary Pads

reusable sanitary pads

We love reusable pads and have been using them for years.  They work in the same way as any other sanitary pad except you don’t throw these ones away when you’ve finished.  You just give them a rinse with cold water (hot would make the staining stay).  You can just stick them in with your normal wash cycle and they’re ready to go again.  The only downside, in my opinion, is that if you’re out al day and you need to change your pad, you then have to lug the dirty one around with you.


Period Pants

ModiBodi period pants

These are an absolute winner in this house.  My daughter loves the Red by ModiBodi hipster boy shorts ones.  I have a couple of pairs of ModiBodi period pants and they’re excellent.  The absorbance goes from light/moderate to heavy/overnight.  They really do hold a lot too and they’re moisture-wicking so you don’t feel like you’re wearing period absorbent underwear.  You can wear them all day/night without having to change them.

Another wonderful brand of period pants is WUKA.  I recently bought my daughter a couple of pairs of these too.


Menstrual Cup

how to use a mooncup

A menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicone (so technically plastic but one cup will last you for years!).  You insert it into your vaginal canal (as per the picture above) and your blood collects in it.  When my periods were heavier, I swore by a good menstrual cup.  I only needed to empty it a couple of times a day and it was clean, convenient and tidy.  You can read more about my opinion on it here.

So as you can see, there are options other than using tampons (which are not good for your vagina, by the way) and sanitary towels which don’t harm the planet.

Please check out my last post about plastic-free deodorant here.

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