The Mighty Miswak Stick

The Mighty Miswak Stick


Does anyone else find getting their teenagers to brush their teeth an absolute nightmare?  One thing I do find easy though is getting him to use a miswak stick.

What Is A Miswak Stick?

miswak sticks

The miswak stick comes from the Salvadora persica tree, which is widespread in Africa. Asia and the Middle East.  Its natural properties gently clean the teeth and disinfects the teeth, tongue and gums.  They’re rich in silica, fluorine and antibacterial and antibiotic fighting compounds.  They reduce plaque, fight and prevent tooth decay, improve oral hygiene and bad breath.  They’re even good for your digestion and are backed by professional dentists in the UK.  My son’s dentist said that he could use the miswak stick once a day but still clean his teeth once a day too.  I, obviously, try to make him clean his teeth twice a day, but it really is a mission.

Studies have suggested that using one of these miswak sticks is actually more effective than a regular toothbrush and toothpaste (rest assured, I still also clean my teeth twice a day).


Naturally Whitening

As these sticks contain fine silica particles which naturally whiten your teeth by removing plaque.  They also reduce stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco or wine to restore white teeth without damaging the natural enamel on your teeth.


How To Use A Miswak Stick

You take the stick and chew off the bark from the first centimetre or so.  You then chew the twig without the bark on until it turns into fibres that look like bristles.  It tastes really strong at first but soon the taste dissipates and tastes really mild.  You then rub the “brush” around your teeth and mouth until they’re clean.  You can notice the difference straight away.


If you use one, I’d love to hear how you get on.  Please check out my last post about plastic-free periods.  Thanks for reading.

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