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Deodorant Redefined

You may have seen the adverts of these new Wild deodorants.  We’ve been using them for a few weeks so thought we’d share with you our thought.

Let’s first talk about the packaging.  It’s completely plastic-free.  The aluminium case is reusable so there’s no waste there.  They look great, feel great in your hand and are completely functional.

Wild deodorant

You can choose from the three case colours, aqua (which is this one), coral or silver.  To refill the case or to use it from the first time, you take the cartridge, take off the lid and pop in inside the case.  You then replace the bottom of the case and twist up until your deodorant is ready for you to use.


The Refills

You have a choice of five different scents to choose from which are mint fresh, rose blush, bergamot rituals, orange zest or coconut dreams.  They’re all very mild smelling and not at all overpowering.  The refill cases are 100% compostable because they’re made from bamboo pulp.

Wild refill bamboo pulp


Why Go Natural?

Wild deodorants are made from all-natural and no toxic ingredients.  An antiperspirant, for example, contains a number of toxins and heavy metal such as aluminium salts, parabens, Cyclomethicone, triclosan and propylene glycol.

Wild deodorants are completely vegan and not tested on animals.


Does It Work

Yes, absolutely.  It won’t stop you from sweating, which would be bad because your body needs to sweat to rid itself of toxins but it does stop you from being a smelly oaf.  I’ve used mine whilst cycling, running, walking and gardening and haven’t smelt at the end of the day.  I think this it easily one of the best natural deodorants on the market.  I’m currently using the Rose Blush refill and will be repurchasing these for my children because I really do rate them.

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Thanks for reading.

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