Zero Waste Shaving

Zero Waste Shaving


I’ve heard it said that disposable razors are the new plastic straws.  They’re manufactured to be used a few times and then thrown in the bin.  We haven’t used single-use razors in our house for a long time so I thought I’d talk to you about the alternatives and how to do zero waste shaving.

Your first option is to give up shaving altogether.  Become a Hairy Mary and let it all just grow.  Honestly, I’d love for that to become socially acceptable in today’s society but I don’t think we’re there yet.

It’s estimated that 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away every year.  So, what are our alternatives?


The Double-Edged Safety Razor


These double-edged safety razors are like a throwback to days gone by.  Do you remember your Grandad shaving with one of these?  I do.  They’re back!  To buy one is around £15 and because they’re often made of chrome or steel they’re built to last a lifetime.  The steel razor blades usually just come wrapped in a slip of paper and are completely recyclable too.  These do take a tiny bit of practice to get used to using.  You need to go in far gentler than with a disposable razor but it’s quick to get the hang on.


Friction Free Shaving

friction free shaving

Another option is a razor from Friction Free Shaving.  These razors are made with a metal handle that is reusable.  They offer a blade recycling scheme and they come in recyclable packaging.  My daughter uses one of these are they’re a great option for younger teenagers as you can’t cut yourself as easily.  She was really apprehensive about using a double-edged safety razor.  I’m sure I’ll get her using one of those as she gets older.  My 17-year-old stepdaughter has transitioned onto a safety razor no problems.

I’d love to hear what hair removal method, if any, you use.  Please check out my recent beauty posts here.  Thanks for reading.

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